Sparkly Runner: 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend: Health & Fitness Expo – Running Fitness Article

This recap covers the Health & Fitness Expo. See the Cigna Blogger Meet Up recap here and even more runDisney recaps here!Y’all. This year’s WDW Marathon Weekend was The. Best. It. Has. Ever. Been.Seriously, we typically spend less than an hour at the expo because it’s usually insanely crowded with long lines everywhere. Last year, we didn’t even go into the official merchandise area because the line to get in was so long it was outside the building- over a…

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Am I worth the weight? – Pilates Fitness Article

Am I worth the weight? I’m a 39 year old studio owner and Pilates teacher of 17 years. I have trained in Contemporary Pilates, and Classical Pilates, but above all I just love Pilates, how it makes me feel and seeing how it helps transform people’s lives. Pilates has helped me recover from a back injury as a result of a car accident. Pilates has helped my carry and deliver two beautiful children into the world, and Pilates has made…

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