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It Is So Much Easier To Tell You To Change – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

It Is So Much Easier To Tell You To Change It is so much easier to tell someone else or an organization to change than to actually change ourselves. How many times have you made a statement that Ashtanga, the government, your job, your yoga studio should change but you cannot even clean out your closets without having a meltdown? For most people, switching careers, cities, boyfriends or hairstyles is a harrowing ordeal, but your democracy, that should change overnight.…

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“Calling In” the Ashtanga Community – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

“Calling In” the Ashtanga Community Photo by Andrea Killam “Calling in” is a term coined by Ngoc Loan Tran, a Viet/mixed race disabled queer writer who champions for justice in oppressed communities. “Calling in” is holding members of the community responsible for their actions, not as an act of punishment, but as an act of accountability. “I start ‘call in’ conversations by identifying the behavior and defining why I am choosing to engage with them. I prioritize my values and…

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