Regis DPT Global Health Pathway Immersion trip to Huancayo, Peru – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Regis DPT Global Health Pathway Immersion trip to Huancayo, Peru This past spring, 8 students from the Regis DPT Global Health Pathway attended a 3-week global immersion trip to Huancayo, Peru, led by Regis DPT faculty member Dr. Heidi Eigsti and Regis DPT alumnus Dr. Amber Walker. “We were fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Heidi Eigsti and Dr. Amber Walker. This was Dr. Eigsti’s third trip to Huancayo and it took about 5 seconds after our plane landed…

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5 Tips For Runners Tackling Their First Marathon – RandRuns – Running Fitness Article

This is a guest post by Shaun Dixon, who is an elite runner and head coach at Let’s Get Running. A self diagnosed ‘run-addict’, he uses his experience of training and competing over a range of distances to coach runners of all ability levels. Shaun is training me for the 2017 London Marathon. Thinking of tackling your first Marathon? Here are 5 tips to read before you kick off your training. 1. Be patient. Don’t take on too much too…

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ira Gorman discusses healthcare policy and PT advocacy – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ira Gorman discusses healthcare policy and PT advocacy Like most physical therapists, my passion for PT arose from the desire to empower people to achieve their greatest state of well-being and functional independence. However, as I progress in my education, I am learning that the simple goal of helping people can be far more complex in our convoluted healthcare system. Furthermore, if I want to truly serve society, I cannot simply treat individual patients. I must advocate…

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Grow Your Fitness Business Online (Interview + Actionable Tips) – Workout Fitness Article

Get the Basics… We’ve interviewed Dean Somerset, Tony Gentilcore, and Kellie Davis to find out how to grow your fitness business online Read the interview or scroll through each section and watch the corresponding video We’ve broken the interview videos down into three sections for easy viewing These tips and hacks are from fitness pros in the trenches — experts in their fields Cameron from So we are here with’s “How to Grow Your Fitness Business Online.” If you’re…

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Too Sick to Run? How to Know What’s Best for Your Body – Running Fitness Article

Perhaps it’s a scratchy throat that signals you’ve caught a bug. Or maybe a pounding headache is your first clue that something’s not quite right. Whatever it is that indicates you’re starting to get sick, it’s never a welcome sign. Featured Event … This is only a snippet of a Running Fitness Article written by Christine Skopec Read Full Arrived

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Slay the Sled – the Benefits of Sled Training – Workout Fitness Article

Sled training is a prime example of functional fitness. The use of weighted sleds is nothing new, athletes have been pushing and pulling sleds for quite some time now – even Rocky was pulling a sled through the snow back in the 80s. Sled training can be used for a number of purposes from power development, muscular endurance, aerobic training or any combination of those. Short bursts of sled training has the effect of testing your aerobic fitness! Here are…

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Tremendous Traps – the Key to Building Thick Trapezius Muscles – Workout Fitness Article

Working your traps might not feel like a lot of fun, and if you’re time poor in the gym then it’s one of those areas you tend to just hope will be affected by compound movements like deadlifts. But if you want a symmetrically sculpted upper torso and an imposing muscular look, you need to build impressive traps. Strong arms need to be connected to boulder shoulders and thick traps to really get that strong, athletic look. Tom Hardy is…

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Fostering Forearms – Tips for Thicker Forearms – Workout Fitness Article

It only seems natural to begin with a Popeye reference, he really set the bar for thick strong forearms as a sign of strength. Regular weight training and a steady diet of tins of spinach might be enough for some to build thick forearms if it’s in their genetic disposition, but for many others it’s going to take a bit of work. So roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, cause building impressive forearms will take a months…

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How an Old Timer Keeps Up His Fitness Regime – RandRuns – Running Fitness Article

Author bio: Gary Baker is the proud founder of, a blog dedicated to encouraging others to stay healthy and active. He writes on various hobbies he has taken up to achieve this, as well as product reviews such as his recent Callaway Supersoft review. I am quite old. In fact, I am currently in my 50s, and I did not begin truly unlocking my body’s potential until a few years ago, when I was in my late 40s. Back…

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