Resolutions Schmezolutions | Studio 108 Fitness – Zumba Fitness Article

Resolutions Schmezolutions | Studio 108 Fitness Here we are again…. what a year 2016 has been. For yours truly, it has been a great year personally. My relationship is amazing, my son awesome, my mom here, my family well and happy and another year doing what I love.  That 2016 was difficult for us as a nation hasn’t been easy. I’m not going to get political or stand on any soap boxes here. Suffice it to say, I will actively…

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Spring Into Summer 4 Week Boot Camp Begins May 7th – Fitness Article

We are so excited to kick off the 2018 Spring Into Summer 4 Week Boot Camp Challenge on May 7th! This will be a community plan that you can follow as an SBF Streaming Member. You can complete this entire challenge for just $14.99! JOIN NOW TO PARTICIPATE! You will receive: A custom workout plan Access to the online SBF community for inspiration and support Access to the SBF Food Guide by Trim Healthy Mama It’s always a great idea…

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Restore & Release Challenge | 1/8/2018 – Workout Fitness Article

This time last year, I was heading into 2017 on a mission to “detox the stress.” And to be honest, I fell flat on my face! Last year was one of the most stressful years of my life! I seemed to accomplish very little yet, it ended on tremendous revelation and hope. We moved around quite often with ideas we could stay put and I could cut out all the bad things from my life and really develop my next…

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