#BibChat Time Change! | – Running Fitness Article

Hey friends, guess what? I’ve got some awesome news for you, the weekly #bibchat on Twitter is now one hour earlier! This is the best new for me, as I’m on the East Coast, and after getting up at 3:45am for my 5am Tuesday run, 9pm seems soooo late! But, 8pm Eastern is totally doable. 🙂 Here’s a snippet from the official announcement on the BibRave blog: While we love everything about our weekly BibChats, one thing we have heard…

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Five on Friday – 5/17/19 | – Running Fitness Article

Happy Friday! It’d the middle of May, and that means summer is around the corner. While I’m not looking forward to the hot humid weather (that’s already begun), I am looking forward to time spent at the pool and hopefully the beach in the coming months. 1. Memorial Day Weekend. It’s coming next week! This means a three-day weekend, and I would love to get out to the beach. Maybe a morning out on the boat with my friend and…

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What have I been doing lately? – Fitness Article

Hi everybody, how are you? Have you missed me? Some of you may have wondered what I’ve been doing lately because I have not blogged as often as I used to. As many of you already know, my father suffers from Alzheimer’s and it has worsened in recent months. From the caregiver’s point of view, it is mentally draining. Everything is routine and repetition, day after day. So I started to feel like I needed to get away from other…

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