A Runner’s Alphabet—P Is for Quite a Bit, Actually – Running for Masters – Running Fitness Article

  is a good letter. I wish everyone: Peace for you and yours Progress, power, and pep in all you do Personal growth, physical, mental, and spiritual (however you define it) Pride in your accomplishments Promise in your future Also: Pause in whatever you’re doing right now. Allow yourself to be where you are. Quiet your breathing. Give yourself a big pat on the back. I’m sure you’ve worked hard all year, and I hope you’ve achieved most, if not…

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Podcast Episode 88 // Breath for Mental Health – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Podcast Episode 88 // Breath for Mental Health This week’s guest is the awesome Richie Norton from ‘The Strength Temple’ who shares his deeply inspiring and emotional personal story of how he changed his life around from struggling with mental health issues with the use of breathing techniques he’s now developed to help others. He also talks and explains passionately how you can be more mindful and use breathing techniques to enhance your life, recovery, wellness and overall happiness… we…

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Prenatal Yoga – A Helpful Guide (Simple Explained) – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Prenatal Yoga – A Helpful Guide (Simple Explained) Prenatal Yoga – Suitable for You? Prenatal Yoga strengthens, refines and stabilises your body, breath and mind. During the pregnancy, your body is going through a monumental change – Hormone, energy-level, mood and breathing etc. Each trimester brings different gifts and challenges to each woman. One of the blessings of prenatal yoga is learning how to tune in and bring awareness to the changing state of your body, breath and mind. The…

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