Delivering Our Best When We Feel Our Worst – Pilates Fitness Article

Delivering Our Best When We Feel Our Worst As teachers, how do we stay grounded? How do we manage distractions? We must focus on changing the rhythm of our teaching style and hone in on centering our intention, relaxing our energy and focusing on self care. Delivering our best when we feel our worst. You know, those days when our body feels wrecked: When the mornings feel rushed, Our schedule is scattered, We become impatient, We’re hungry, dehydrated and overly…

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Virtuagym vs.’s All-in-One Fitness Business Software – Workout Fitness Article

Manage and Grow Your Fitness Business Better with Learn more below. Virtuagym vs Choose’s All-in-One Fitness Business Management Software. Review our head-to-head Virtuagym software comparison and see for yourself. Get a custom web and smartphone app designed for your brand with additional customization available throughout your custom-built software. Grow your business, turn leads into clients, and increase revenue.  With so many software management options available for fitness professionals and personal trainers to choose from, it’s important to…

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40 Fitness Continuing Education (CE) Courses (Complete List) – Workout Fitness Article

Get the Basics… Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) must obtain continuing education credits to maintain their certification. Many professional organizations offer a variety of different CEU or CEC courses in various formats. It’s important for personal trainers to know how many CEUs or CECs are required from your certifying organization and the length of time to obtain them Learn about 40 popular CEU and CEC courses offered by seven reputable organizations. Continuing Education Credits (CECs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are…

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In all transparency – The Hatchery – Pilates Fitness Article

In all transparency – The Hatchery I want to share a sneak peek at what’s going on for Blue Sparrow Pilates, The Hatchery, and me. And take a look into the schedule of other Pilates entrepreneurs. Those of you who know me know I always have a few big plans brewing. But the reality is we only have so much time. So, in the spirit of transparency, I want to share a bit about what I’m working on. Balancing a…

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9 Tips for Client Workout Program Design [Guide] – Workout Fitness Article

Program design is what separates professionals from hobbyists in the training world. Sure, there’s more to being a good trainer than the ability to plan workouts but here’s why programming stands out from the other attributes: You can’t just stumble into a great program, it takes knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Charisma, communication, and leadership all make a difference in training but one can come by them naturally; even a novice to training can possess these qualities innately without any effort…

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Upholstery Repair 101 | Balanced Body Blog – Pilates Fitness Article

Upholstery Repair 101 | Balanced Body Blog One of my absolute favorite feelings is running my hands over brand new vinyl.  The clean, smooth, and uniquely soft feeling of Reformer upholstery is so satisfying, like new car smell. Conversely, cracked, ripped and dented upholstery can make the whole machine feel old.  No matter how much scrubbing, dusting, and tuning you might do to the rest of the apparatus, the worn vinyl is like a broken headlight on a brand new…

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Are Cohesive Instagram Aesthetics Officially Out of Fashion? – Fitness Article

I recently read this article about instagram in The Atlantic. The article talks about about how having an aesthetically pleasing, curated, instagram feed is officially out of fashion. It explains that younger influencers are moving towards a messier, less filtered vibe on instagram. Gone are the days of doing it for the ‘gram and heading to some pink wall to snap some cutesy photos. Which for the record, I’m totes guilty of doing on multiple occasions… Why I think this change…

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How do I become an online personal trainer? [Step-by-Step Guide] – Workout Fitness Article

If you want to become a successful online fitness trainer, then you’re at the right place. We have personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness coaches using the software platform every single day to grow their online personal training business (and their in-person businesses). Here’s the thing: becoming a successful, even wildly successful online personal trainer is absolutely possible; it just takes work. But hey, that’s the same speech you give clients before training with you, right? Put in the…

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Grow Your Fitness Business Online (Interview + Actionable Tips) – Workout Fitness Article

Get the Basics… We’ve interviewed Dean Somerset, Tony Gentilcore, and Kellie Davis to find out how to grow your fitness business online Read the interview or scroll through each section and watch the corresponding video We’ve broken the interview videos down into three sections for easy viewing These tips and hacks are from fitness pros in the trenches — experts in their fields Cameron from So we are here with’s “How to Grow Your Fitness Business Online.” If you’re…

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