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Front Lever vs Back Lever Exercises – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Front Lever vs Back Lever Exercises Front and Back Lever Exercises: A Fundamental Gymnastics StrengthThe interesting thing about front and back lever exercises is that these are rated A in the Gymnastic Code of Points. That’s right, A. If you’re not familiar with Gymnastics, their scale goes from A to F, with A being the easiest and F being the most difficult. Simply put, they consider it as a basic strength which just shows how difficult the sport really is. It’s not just prancing around or twirling elegantly in the air.…

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3 Factors to Achieve Perfect Entry to Handstand – Calisthenics Fitness Article

3 Factors to Achieve Perfect Entry to Handstand 2 Main Techniques for Maintaining BalanceWhen attempting the wall-less move, please resist the urge of walking your handstand. If you feel the urge, drop the attempt. Resist the temptation and focus first in learning how to stand. 1. Hand techniqueStanding on your hands is very similar with the physics of standing on your feet. Stand up on your feet now and tilt your upper body forward while resisting to fall. Notice your…

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