Can CBD Oil Help Me Have a More Satisfying Run? – Running Fitness Article

Description: As one of the newest high-profile supplements on the market, CBD oil has interested many people. Can it help you get more out of your runs? CBD is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after supplements in the athletic world. With more and more athletes using CBD to make their exercise routines more comfortable and less painful, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to start using CBD for your own exercise. Especially as a runner, you’re probably…

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Top 10 CBD Oil Products and Benefits [Comprehensive Review] – Workout Fitness Article

While hemp oil is nothing new, CBD oil is at the peak of its craze. Research is still catching up, but anecdotal reviews suggest CBD to be an effective anti-anxiety, sleep, and pain reducing aid. The overlapping harmony of these effects have led to CBD’s rising popularity as a total wellness solution. But all hype aside, the real question is: what can you expect from CBD? Here, we’re going to get down to the bottom of what CBD oil is,…

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5 Reasons To Try A CBD Massage At Aura Spa – VIDA Fitness – Fitness Article

By Mekita Rivas, VIDA editor/member  CBD has arrived at Aura Spa! You’ve probably heard about cannabidiol products and their many wellness benefits. Now, we’re introducing a CBD massage to our roster of services, and take it from us: This treatment is the ultimate treat-yourself indulgence. Elaine Perhach, licensed massage therapist and Aura Spa program coordinator, says that Aura is leading the way for CBD use in the Washington, D.C., spa scene. “For the most part we’re going to be the…

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