Multi-faceted Approach to Concussion Rehabilitation | – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Multi-faceted Approach to Concussion Rehabilitation | Concussion is among the most commonly occurring sport and recreation related injuries in today’s society. The majority of individuals recover in the initial time period following a concussion (typically between 7-10 days). However, in 20–30% of cases symptoms persist beyond the initial weeks following injury. Schneider (2019) have recently published a Masterclass is to outline evidence informed rehabilitation, including physiotherapy specific techniques, that may be of benefit individuals following concussion.  Generally a period of…

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Is foam rolling effective? | – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Is foam rolling effective? | Whilst lot of athletes and coaches swear by foam rolling as a means of reducing DOMS, improving flexibility and strength, we explore the results of a meta-analysis and systematic review to understand what the research says about the effectiveness of foam rolling. Over the recent years, there has been a spate of foam rolling devices flooding the market. There are various varieties of foam rollers – solid cylindrical, hollow core ones, roller sticks or even…

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