Running in the Summer Heat – Running Fitness Article

Running in the heat is something to be taken seriously! There is a lot to keep in mind while you continue to run during the summer months. You cannot run as fast when the temperature rises above 60F/14C. If you slow down 30 seconds a mile for every 5F increase above 60F, you can be the one who is finishing strong and passing other runners at the end. For every second you run too fast during the first half of…

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How To Chose The Best Pole Dance Shoes – Pole Dance Fitness Article

How To Chose The Best Pole Dance Shoes If you have been implementing for any point of time then you would know there are different types of pole dance routines that need different shoes. Along with those various pole dance styles, there are many different kinds of pole dance shoes, namely heels. If you’re a pole dancer looking for new stripper heels to enhance your pole dance experience. Stick around because we will go through the best-valued options. It’s worse…

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Are Pleaser Heels Worth It? – Pole Dance Fitness Article

Are Pleaser Heels Worth It? Pleaser heels is a U.S.-based company, and this one of the shoemakers go to stripper heel makers. Known for the loud and naughty exotic shoe designs they are a must-have for every pole dancer looking to up their game. If you’re looking for some serious stripper shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. Pleaser USA specializes in ankle boots, platforms with different types of heels sizes.The house but about shoe shopping is finding many…

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