Try this Easy & Delicious Jambalaya Recipe for Runners – Running Fitness Article

I’d like to preface this recipe by letting you know that I am a Minnesotan. This is not a recipe handed down from Cajun grandmother to Cajun mother to Cajun daughter. It certainly is not traditional. But I do use the Cajun Trinity and some of the traditional jambalaya elements and I can promise you that it is both easy and delicious! Featured Event I love the taste of jambalaya and the dish has a ton of potential to fit…

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When It Comes To Nutrition, Keep It Simple – Crossfit Fitness Article

When It Comes To Nutrition, Keep It Simple The nutrition world is inundated with diets, meal plans, false information, misleading advertising, and to be blunt, garbage we put in our bodies. So what do we do about it? We need to focus on the basics and KEEP IT SIMPLE. When we are in a bind, stressed, or short on time it makes it easy to think simple. There is no silver bullet or perfect plan, the one thing or plan,…

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