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A Runner’s Alphabet—P Is for Quite a Bit, Actually – Running for Masters – Running Fitness Article

  is a good letter. I wish everyone: Peace for you and yours Progress, power, and pep in all you do Personal growth, physical, mental, and spiritual (however you define it) Pride in your accomplishments Promise in your future Also: Pause in whatever you’re doing right now. Allow yourself to be where you are. Quiet your breathing. Give yourself a big pat on the back. I’m sure you’ve worked hard all year, and I hope you’ve achieved most, if not…

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A Runner’s Alphabet—R Is for Rest – Running for Masters – Running Fitness Article

  is for rest. I originally published this blog almost exactly a year ago as advice for what do to after a long training run. Especially during this very hot summer, Constructive Rest will replenish your mind and body if you take the time for self-care. Congratulations—you’ve finished your long training run! You’re probably exhausted but very happy and (I hope) uninjured. Allow yourself to enjoy that feeling of sweaty pride—you’ve earned it! What do you do next? If you’re…

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