Skimble’s Pro Workout of the Week: Get Out and RUN! – Workout Fitness Article

Get ready for 25 minutes of sun, fun, and run! This running workout has a built-in warm-up and ramps up in intensity at a progressive, but efficient pace. Don’t forget to connect your smartwatch or heart rate monitor to see which ‘zones’ you’ve been training in. Get ready to work hard and reap the benefits. Do you have a fitness resolution? Make progress towards achieving your goals with Skimble’s top fitness apps and supportive community. If you’re new to Skimble, our…

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Nutrition for recovery of endurance activity – Running Fitness Article

During post exercise recovery, optimal nutritional intake is important to replenish endogenous substrate stores and to facilitate muscle-damage repair. (1) With muscle glycogen contributing more than 50% of total energy requirements during prolonged moderate to high-intensity exercise, post exercise carbohydrate (CHO) ingestion will determine how quickly muscle glycogen is restored and therefore how quickly the athlete recovers. For athletes backing up multiple training sessions on the same day or competitions on successive days, muscle glycogen stores need to be replenished…

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Men + Pilates – Pilates Fitness Institute – Pilates Fitness Article

Men + Pilates – Pilates Fitness Institute Humans like to define roles, tasks and activities according to aspects of identity, none more than gender. Attaching an identity to something abstract is how we anchor things in concrete terms we can understand. If Pilates had a gender, what would it be? The general perception is that Pilates is female. But why? Pilates was invented by a man: Joseph Pilates. For men: developed in an English internment camp during World War I…

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