Why it’s hard for overachievers to be happy… – Blogilates – Pilates Fitness Article

Why it’s hard for overachievers to be happy… – Blogilates Hey guys, The other day my husband, Sam, said that he’s really happy with everything we’ve accomplished and that he’s content being exactly where we are. I felt peaceful…for a moment. But then, I RUINED it. The overachiever part of me said “But there’s still so much more to achieve!!! I’m nowhere near where I want to be!” Yet, if Cassey 10 years ago could see where she was today, she…

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In all transparency – The Hatchery – Pilates Fitness Article

In all transparency – The Hatchery I want to share a sneak peek at what’s going on for Blue Sparrow Pilates, The Hatchery, and me. And take a look into the schedule of other Pilates entrepreneurs. Those of you who know me know I always have a few big plans brewing. But the reality is we only have so much time. So, in the spirit of transparency, I want to share a bit about what I’m working on. Balancing a…

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Grow Your Fitness Business Online (Interview + Actionable Tips) – Workout Fitness Article

Get the Basics… We’ve interviewed Dean Somerset, Tony Gentilcore, and Kellie Davis to find out how to grow your fitness business online Read the interview or scroll through each section and watch the corresponding video We’ve broken the interview videos down into three sections for easy viewing These tips and hacks are from fitness pros in the trenches — experts in their fields Cameron from Exercise.com: So we are here with Exercise.com’s “How to Grow Your Fitness Business Online.” If you’re…

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