Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment Last week I attended a workshop called: Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment. It was part of a Critical Feminist Arts/Research workshop series that involved talks on participatory visual methods, sociological fiction, and zine making, brought to us by Dr Ashleigh Watson, Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro, and Samantha Trayhurn. What is a zine? “A zine is an underground publication with political messages without censorship. You can express yourself without the constraints of media”  There were two essential activities that we needed…

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The Queen of Confidence – Pole Dancing Classes Melbourne – Pole Dance Fitness Article

The Queen of Confidence – Pole Dancing Classes Melbourne Join The Queen of Confidence for an afternoon of REAL.Erika Cramer is a woman who radiates self-confidence.From personal stylist to positive body image activist, Erika has peeled back the layers of women’s wardrobes and discovered that the answer to true confidence lies within ourselves.“I was working as a personal stylist and noticing that every woman I helped, no matter shape, age or size, really struggled with self-confidence, and although a nice…

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