FROM PARTNERS TO PARENTS – CarlyRowena – Fitness Article

I never wanted to be married and in all honesty, I never really knew if I wanted to be a mum. I don’t particularly love kids and always found them super annoying unless asleep. I’m also very protective of my relationship as we’re both super independent, love to travel, explore and try new things, so when we found out we were pregnant we knew we wanted to work hard to keep hold of the life we’ve always known but with…

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The training cycle is tough on the body, and with successive workouts-and-showers, nothing takes a much of a gruelling battering as the hair. As such, and in direct response to several curious, hair-conscious reader enquiries over the years of scribing, this post is fully dedicated to hair health. I may be a highly qualified professional when it comes to training and the likes of sports massage, but I’m only an enthusiastic amateur on matters pertaining to the hair. As such,…

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