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Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements – Top 10 BHB Powders – Workout Fitness Article

The hardest part of the ketogenic diet is staying in ketosis. This problem is exactly what exogenous ketone supplements are designed to solve. Unlike other diets, staying in a state of ketosis matters far more than blunt macros and exercise performance… So, any help we can get is welcomed. Here, we’re going to teach you everything you should know about exogenous ketones. Then, we are going to share with you the 10 highest rated exogenous ketones to supplement with. Our…

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when it will and won’t work – Workout Fitness Article

L-carnitine has risen in popularly with active supplement use cases for: weight loss, brain function, exercise performance, circulation, and recovery. Considered inexpensive and generally safe, there really isn’t any reason for supplement formulators not to weigh the inclusion of this ingredient (1). Though, the actual results produced by l-carnitine may be rather lackluster for its most popular application: weight loss (2)(3). Unless you are utilizing it correctly, of course? That’s the question that we plan to answer. What is l-carnitine?…

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