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5 Fitness Myths That Are Ruining Your Results – Workout Fitness Article

I’ll level with you… I’ve probably made every mistake in the book when it comes to my own training. And I don’t mind admitting it. When I first became interested in exercise, I joined a gym and fell in love with group fitness classes. In fact, I loved them so much I decided to become an instructor. I got certified to teach nearly every group fitness class you can imagine. Between my own workouts and all the classes I taught,…

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Coaching Cheat Sheet: How to Handle Unrealistic Expectations – Workout Fitness Article

If you’re a health, fitness, or nutrition professional, I bet at least one of these scenarios will sound familiar to you. (Maybe both). Scenario A: A new client walks in and tells you exactly what she wants to “transform” into. The bad news is that she’s showing you a picture on her phone of a celebrity who doesn’t remotely look like her (and you know how much work this celebrity had to put in to get these results). Then this…

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