Happy things (OK food) | AnnaTheApple – Running Fitness Article

OK so hamstring moaning aside, let’s do a more fun update. Despite not running 30-40 miles a week, I’ve still been enjoying my food. It makes me SO angry when people have mantras like “you earnt that cake” or “you deserve that meal” after you’ve done a workout. Like you need to “earn” the calories you eat. NO YOU DO NOT. I live in a very happy mindset that I eat food that makes me happy. Food that makes me…

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A trip to London: brunch, doughnuts and The Waitress – Running Fitness Article

What a weekend! Let’s get started on Saturday. It’s my mum’s birthday soon so I’d treated her to a ticket to see The Waitress in London. We headed there in the morning to have brunch first. I surprised my mum with a little bottle of Prosecco on the train – pffft it’s 5pm somewhere eh! We had brunch in the Darwin Brasserie in the Sky Tower. I’d seen this huge building many times but hadn’t realised you could have food…

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