Grip Contest

Pre-King Kong Training Clips – Diesel Crew – Workout Fitness Article

Man, I really thought I had it… I thought victory #2 at King Kong was mine. I knew I had the new Flask World Record all wrapped up, which I hoped would be good enough for a big point advantage. I knew my Crusher was at an all-time high, and once seeing how different Joe Sullivan’s Crusher was, I knew I would be getting a much higher number than what I got in training. The Moon Top was where I…

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This Week in Grip Episodes 66-70 – Diesel Crew – Workout Fitness Article

This Week in Grip Episodes 66-70 Time to get caught up a little bit on This Week in Grip. Incidentally, I created a Playlist for the Podcast, so if you’re new to the show, you can start right from the beginning and get caught up: This Week in Grip Complete Playlist Episode 66 – Hand Shake Power & Rich Williams’ 560 Axle Episode 67 – Joe Sullivan and the Cross Canada Grip Challenge Episode 68 – Follow Up on Rich…

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