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Top 20 Videos of 2018 – Diesel Crew – Workout Fitness Article

DIESELS! Let’s just say 2018 was a tough year for me personally, but the one thing that kept me on track and focused and kept me from going absolutely crazy was my training. For that, I thank God. One of the biggest highlights in my online business was finally reaching the 10,000 subscriber mark on my YouTube Channel. And each year, I like to do a Top 20 Video Countdown of my most popular videos, based on the number of…

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This Week in Grip Episodes 66-70 – Diesel Crew – Workout Fitness Article

This Week in Grip Episodes 66-70 Time to get caught up a little bit on This Week in Grip. Incidentally, I created a Playlist for the Podcast, so if you’re new to the show, you can start right from the beginning and get caught up: This Week in Grip Complete Playlist Episode 66 – Hand Shake Power & Rich Williams’ 560 Axle Episode 67 – Joe Sullivan and the Cross Canada Grip Challenge Episode 68 – Follow Up on Rich…

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More Big Feats in 2018 – Diesel Crew – Workout Fitness Article

I’ve had my eye on a few goals this year, along the lines of grip strength feats. The biggest one, I crossed off my list earlier this month – the Inch Dumbbell Clean. I also recently was successful for the first time pinching 2x25kg plates. Well, I took that one a little further, but doing a combo feat with the Inch Dumbbell, as well. Inch Dumbbell Plus 2x25kg Plate Pinch Training has been going very well, and I am very…

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