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How Healthy Eating Can Change Your Body Within Minutes – Fitness Article

We are always thinking about the benefits of a healthy diet, but it’s not always easy to commit ourselves. Have you ever wondered how much time it took for our body to gain from nourishment, menacing the effect of proactive food? According to the researchers, to change your body within minutes and see a positive change, only a healthy diet can help. Here is what happens to your body, just after you start taking a healthy diet. First 20 minutes…

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Celebrating International Women’s Day at VIDA Fitness – VIDA Fitness – Fitness Article

In and out of the gym, women have been killing it in the fitness industry for years. At VIDA, we have our own share of women who contribute so much time and skill to what they do on a regular basis…from leading fitness classes to training clients on the weight floor. Our VIDA community is made up of so many women who make our clubs what they are, as they continue to slay the game relentlessly. International Women’s Day is…

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