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Why I Walk Every Day – Running Fitness Article

Why I Walk Every Day Written by: Katherine Dreyer, Co-founder of ChiRunning, ChiWalking & ChiLiving The number one reason I walk every day is simple: because many years of experience have taught me how much better I feel when I walk.  A day without walking is truly like a day without sunshine.  Since walking is low impact (with high benefits) it is safe to walk every day and by doing so, you establish a healthy habit that becomes part of…

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A Balancing Act – Gym Fitness Article

This whole week we’ve been talking about the importance of balance. So how do you have fun while staying fit and still working toward your goals? The key to a happy life is balance. This is also true when it comes fitness. If you are always on the grind and never give yourself a break, it is easy to burn out and give up on your goals. Know your self, If you eat good all week, and your craving some…

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Hand Placement – Gym Rats Fit – Gym Fitness Article

I’m back and today were going over hand placement while performing bicep curls. As with many other exercises, the effectiveness and efficiency of Curls can be altered by your hand positioning. Minor changes in how you grab the bar can have a big effect on the results of the exercise. Knowing how these variations affect your Curl can give you a boost in muscle size and help you better understand how to target them properly.   Supinated Grip with hand…

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