Varicose veins Problems? When to see a doctor and get rid of it Permanently? – Fitness Article

Renu complained that she felt heaviness and pain in her legs after exercising. She thought that it was due to excessive stretching in the gym. The pain continued as well as the heaviness throughout the day. She didn’t go to the gym for the next couple of days. This helped her get some relief and the heaviness eventually wore off.After two days, when she suddenly stood up at she had cramps in her legs. She had painkillers and went to…

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Diet Plan for A Safe Monsoon – Fitness Article

Did someone say Monsoon? Let’s have some Chai and Pakoras.Monsoon has finally arrived in northern India and thanks lord; scorching summer heat has finally come to an end. Like every other season, Monsoon needs a little bit of dietary tweaking to match the surrounding environment and keep the body healthy. Unfortunately, Monsoon being a damp season brings along with it a lot of infections. Here are some foods to avoid during the monsoon season.It might sound counter-intuitive to the thought…

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Are you on a Diet? – Fitness Article

Who doesn’t love the idea of quick weight loss? Or rather put it this way; Who wants to spend long on a feat, which can be achieved in a week/month? For the record Weight loss is a 66 Billion Dollar Industry, which is 2/3rd the annual business of Microsoft, Amazon. No wonder it is the most advertised industry in several parts of the globe. Diet is the new modern-day food jargon. Majority populous doesn’t think of being on a Fitness…

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