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Madi’s Story: Why I Became A Pre+Postnatal Instructor – Fitness Article

After completing the course, I reached out to Annie and was able to observe, participate and help coach a pregnancy+postpartum class that Annie had started locally. During this time, I was able to get hands-on experience, which helped personally validate that I made the right decision to go down this path. During my fall semester, I had to present a research project. I ended up doing my project on “How Physical Activity can Decrease Risk of Gestational Diabetes.” I was…

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How We Help Our Kids Eat Healthy – Workout Fitness Article

Helping your children eat healthy has it’s challenges. However, the return you get in their well being, attention, and sleep is well worth it! We want to set our kids up for success, and the best way to do that is to help them eat healthy. Plus, I’ll also share some areas where we need to improve. 1. Offer Them Healthy Choices First By no means are we restrictive with our children’s food choices. However, we do make it a…

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