What’s Your Missing Link? Part 1 – Rondeau Health and Wellness – Workout Fitness Article

You feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to your health. You’re eating the “right” foods, you go to the gym, and you sleep 8 hours per night. But something isn’t going right — you’re not losing the weight you want to, you’re exhausted all the time, you’re not making the fitness progress you envisioned, or maybe you just feel “off”. So what gives? The truth is, it is so hard to do everything right. If things aren’t…

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My Wish For Women in 2019 – Rondeau Health and Wellness – Workout Fitness Article

If I could impress upon my daughter one important thing as she grows up, it would be this: Stop trying to be smaller. Women as a whole tend to spend their whole lives trying to be smaller. Smaller thighs, smaller stomach, smaller arms, smaller nose. And pretty soon these wishes for a smaller body translate into other things: a smaller voice, a smaller presence. Why are we constantly trying to shrink ourselves away, to exist less than we already do…

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