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Madi’s Story: Why I Became A Pre+Postnatal Instructor – Fitness Article

After completing the course, I reached out to Annie and was able to observe, participate and help coach a pregnancy+postpartum class that Annie had started locally. During this time, I was able to get hands-on experience, which helped personally validate that I made the right decision to go down this path. During my fall semester, I had to present a research project. I ended up doing my project on “How Physical Activity can Decrease Risk of Gestational Diabetes.” I was…

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10 Things Women Need While They Are Pregnant (Beyond Their Registry) – Fitness Article

There are certain things money can’t buy when it comes to what pregnant women really need, and mamas-to-be need to take care of themselves, their mental health, their bodies, their surroundings, and their lifestyle; those things go well beyond their baby registry. 

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