Everything is a Phase… – You Signed Up For WHAT?! – Running Fitness Article

Everything is a phase. Yesterday I was asked to give a new mom some advice, and this is what I say at those moments. Everything is a phase. It helps me realize that no hard time lasts forever, and also to savor the good phases. But it’s not just about parenting or motherhood, it really holds true for life in general. Life is constantly changing and evolving, and so are we as humans. Hopefully evolving towards becoming better humans – better friends, partners, citizens…

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Crying My Eyes Out and Letting Go of Expectations – Pilates Fitness Article

Crying My Eyes Out and Letting Go of Expectations   I nursed my last babe for the last time this weekend. And proceeded to bawl my eyes out. (Whether you are man or woman, kid mom or dog mom or earth mom, there is a lesson here for all of us! Stick with me 🙂.) Nursing my babies has been one of the absolute greatest honors and gifts of my life. But not one I ever expected. I did not…

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