2019 Utah Valley Marathon Recap – Running Fitness Article

I haven’t yet fully committed to the 50-state challenge (marathon in every state), but I must say, any time I have an opportunity to run a marathon in a state that I haven’t, I’m always interested! The folks at Utah Valley Marathon reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I’d be interested in running the race in June. I mean, I couldn’t really say no, could I?! I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to…

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Everything is a Phase… – You Signed Up For WHAT?! – Running Fitness Article

Everything is a phase. Yesterday I was asked to give a new mom some advice, and this is what I say at those moments. Everything is a phase. It helps me realize that no hard time lasts forever, and also to savor the good phases. But it’s not just about parenting or motherhood, it really holds true for life in general. Life is constantly changing and evolving, and so are we as humans. Hopefully evolving towards becoming better humans – better friends, partners, citizens…

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Are you creating the life you want to live? – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Are you creating the life you want to live? Everything comes at a cost. As much as we might like to try and convince ourselves that we can have it all, the reality is, we can’t. On a daily basis we are therefore confronted with accepting the ‘opportunity cost’. This being the benefits you miss out on when choosing one alternative over another. When you consider opportunity cost from a business or investment perspective the key measure is the expected…

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Why Women Think Aging is Ugly – Blogilates – Pilates Fitness Article

Why Women Think Aging is Ugly – Blogilates My feed has recently been flooded with a ton of “old face” photos. Have you seen them? They’re pretty fun to look at! But I quickly noticed that nearly all of them being uploaded were being done so by only one sex…males. Why? Well, the answer is simple. Our society has groomed us to desire younger looking women. Females are OBSESSED with all kinds of skin treatments and makeup tricks to make…

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Five on Friday – 5/17/19 | – Running Fitness Article

Happy Friday! It’d the middle of May, and that means summer is around the corner. While I’m not looking forward to the hot humid weather (that’s already begun), I am looking forward to time spent at the pool and hopefully the beach in the coming months. 1. Memorial Day Weekend. It’s coming next week! This means a three-day weekend, and I would love to get out to the beach. Maybe a morning out on the boat with my friend and…

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2019 Eau Claire Half Marathon Race Recap – Running Fitness Article

My sister and I have started a fun tradition where each year for her birthday we go on a trip together! Years ago, we did the ZOOMA Women’s Half Marathon together down in Texas and since then, we did the Door County Half Marathon and the Zion Half Marathon (plus an amazing trip to Zion). This year, we stayed local and met in the middle in Eau Claire, WI for the Eau Clair Half Marathon. It’s only 1.5 hours from…

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A Real Life Update – RunningMyselfTogether – Running Fitness Article

I still work full time, managing PR and social media for a tech company here in Charlotte. I love the work I do and the people I work with. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed giving my all to my job and giving my all to RunningMyselfTogether. Plus, have I mentioned I have anxiety? I don’t think we talk about this enough, though. There are so many people out there working full time and working on amazing side projects. It’s fulfilling, but…

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When Your Year Doesn’t Go as Planned – Running Fitness Article

Happy new year! It’s time to kick off 2019 here in this space – it’s been too long! It’s no secret that 2018 was a year of change for me. I posted this at the start of 2018: And wow, it certainly was. I never could have predicted all that 2018 would throw at me. As I’ve mentioned, life is a series of phases and changes and I’ve been through a lot of them. Not just in 2018, but in the…

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