Trans-Atlantic Antics: Behind the Scenes At PCC 2018 – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Trans-Atlantic Antics: Behind the Scenes At PCC 2018 Those of you who have been following this blog for the last six years know how serious we are about calisthenics. If you’ve spent any length of time at all on these hallowed pages, then you’ve heard about the amazing purity of owning a body that is truly “self-made.” We speak of minimalism in equipment, clarity of mind, strength in simplicity. And ripped abs. You’ve also read the incredible stories that surround…

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From Hair Loss to Hair Goals – or how the Wildcat got her mane back! – Fitness Article

It can be said for so very many things in life that you “don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”- and for me, sadly, this once upon a time included my hair. As a child I had long, thick, and quite frankly unruly hair, and as a teenager I did as most teens do and experimented with several different hair colours. I always looked after my hair though, which is why the shock and stress of suffering hair loss…

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A trip to London: brunch, doughnuts and The Waitress – Running Fitness Article

What a weekend! Let’s get started on Saturday. It’s my mum’s birthday soon so I’d treated her to a ticket to see The Waitress in London. We headed there in the morning to have brunch first. I surprised my mum with a little bottle of Prosecco on the train – pffft it’s 5pm somewhere eh! We had brunch in the Darwin Brasserie in the Sky Tower. I’d seen this huge building many times but hadn’t realised you could have food…

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The training cycle is tough on the body, and with successive workouts-and-showers, nothing takes a much of a gruelling battering as the hair. As such, and in direct response to several curious, hair-conscious reader enquiries over the years of scribing, this post is fully dedicated to hair health. I may be a highly qualified professional when it comes to training and the likes of sports massage, but I’m only an enthusiastic amateur on matters pertaining to the hair. As such,…

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