3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Do Cardio When Bodybuilding – Workout Fitness Article

When bodybuilding if you want to lose fat, you must do cardio, correct? At least, that’s what most fat loss experts and personal trainers preach. But did you know that cardio can actually prevent you from getting lean? And that cardio can blunt your ability to pack on new muscle? It’s true! In this evidence-based article, you’ll discover why cardio can have such detrimental effects. In addition, you’ll find out what you should do instead if you bodybuilding or want…

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How It Affects Your Muscle Growth – Workout Fitness Article

While the terms “anabolic state” and “catabolic” are common in the fitness world, they’re often misused. Do you know what these terms truly mean? And do you know in which state your body is in? If not, this article provides the answer. We’ll take a close look at both anabolism and catabolism, and we’ll discuss how they influence your figure and muscle growth. Let’s dive right in. What is Anabolism and Catabolism? Anabolism and catabolism are two types of biochemical…

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