Full Moon Manifestation | FullPowerYoga – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Full Moon Manifestation | FullPowerYoga The Full Moon is a time of completion  and letting go. If you are one of these hippies (so many of my friends) who lives your life by the moon cycle instead of the calendar’s you buy at Office Depot, then you are using both the new moon and full moon to manifest your destiny. The new moon is the time to plant seeds and the full moon is the time to harvest them. There…

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Taking Care of Oneself Isn’t Selfish – Pilates Fitness Article

Taking Care of Oneself Isn’t Selfish Have you ever wanted to go on a yoga retreat? To take some time you just care for yourself in your everyday life? At the end of the day, taking care of yourself and prioritising your health can be challenging. You’ve finished the to-do lists, and you don’t have the energy for anything else. Making time in your day and life for self-care is important. It is an essential part of living a healthy…

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