Muscle Builders

Laxogenin: Plant-Based Anabolic Increases Strength by 200%? (4+ Best Supplements) – Workout Fitness Article

​Let me guess… You want to make gains. You invest hours, weeks, months, years, heck maybe even decades bodybuilding. But gains are slow to make. You (hopefully) checked your diet, program, progress and past performance and all seems up to par. Naturally, you consider your options and at this point, it’s always these two options: Do you take juice (aka steroids)? Or do you remain “natural”? What if you could do both; juice and stay natural? It might just be…

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Genius Muscle Builder: Naturally Potent Muscle Builder For The Intelligent Bodybuilder – Workout Fitness Article

​Natural Anabolic Growth Optimizer The Genius Brand has built quite a reputation for making unique, innovative products. This is a company that never seems to slow down and that trend continues with their brand new, newly released Genius Muscle Builder. This hardcore product has only 4 ingredients – but these are 4 powerful ingredients (well, 3 really, as MyoeDge includes the Vitamin D that’s separately listed on the label) designed to work together to stimulate some serious muscle growth. It has…

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