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Barbell training for strength using the Starting Strength method is hard work and a common occurrence that gets in the way of this hard work is shoulder and arm pain. In many cases this pain is a result of technical problems with the low-bar squat (the lift that is generally performed first in the training session). Here are some points to consider before you begin your training or if you have started to experience problems. SHOULDER PAIN Causes: Shoulder pain is…

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Periodized Training For The Intermediate CrossFit Athlete » Science for Fitness – Fitness Article

Every year around February the CrossFit community is abuzz with talk of the CrossFit Open. This 5-week event is the first of three stages that ultimately crowns the “fittest” men and women alive. When the Open was first introduced in 2011 it was more of a community fitness event. Everyone of all skill levels was encouraged to participate and although some harder movements would appear (i.e., muscle-ups), they would generally appear towards the end of the 5 Open workouts enabling…

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Maintaining Strength In CrossFit After Your Strength Cycle » Science for Fitness – Fitness Article

A very common question I receive from athletes who have just completed a dedicated strength cycle is how they can maintain their strength gains when they go back to CrossFit. This question arises because the athlete notes correctly that peak levels of strength attained while strength training cannot be maintained when, in the case of CrossFit, programming seeks development of nine skills sets in addition to strength. So, what is one to do? The answer is a complicated one. In…

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