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Benefits of Foam Rolling | Total Performance Physical Therapy – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Benefits of Foam Rolling | Total Performance Physical Therapy July 12, 2019 What is a Trigger Point? Trigger points are a small patch of muscle tissue in spasm, and they can occur for a number of reasons. When we develop aches and pains, our bodies automatically avoid using muscles that create the pain and start using other muscles a greater amount of the time. This is called a “compensation pattern”, which allows the pain to decrease for a period of…

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My Pain Won’t Go Away – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

My Pain Won’t Go Away July 15, 2019 The #1 reason that patients seek help from a Physical Therapist is because they are in pain. In the ideal world, pain is a good thing. It tells our bodies that something dangerous has occurred, and immediately draws our attention to that area. Unfortunately though, sometimes the pain that we feel in a certain part of our body does not mean that something dangerous is occurring. Prolonged pain often leads to increased…

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