Madi’s Story: Why I Became A Pre+Postnatal Instructor – Fitness Article

After completing the course, I reached out to Annie and was able to observe, participate and help coach a pregnancy+postpartum class that Annie had started locally. During this time, I was able to get hands-on experience, which helped personally validate that I made the right decision to go down this path. During my fall semester, I had to present a research project. I ended up doing my project on “How Physical Activity can Decrease Risk of Gestational Diabetes.” I was…

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6-Minute Total Body Workout for New Moms | BEST Total Body Dumbbell Workout for Moms – Fitness Article

One of my favorite go to workouts for moms that are looking for short workouts to do in the comfort of the home and with the kids around. Please make sure you’re cleared by a doctor, and if you have any pain stop and consult your doctor. For a longer workout, complete  3- 5 rounds. First Exercise: Long Jump Run Back1. Start with a hip width apart stance and feet naturally turned out2. Load your squat by sending the glutes…

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