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Om & Ahhh | thepoweryogaco – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Om & Ahhh | thepoweryogaco By Mariel Witmond In a world where stress seems to rule our lives and we feel like we have no control over the direction we are going in, it’s time to wake up to the power of breath. Breathing techniques are now being embraced by people across the world for their infinite benefits and I’m delighted to be holding a workshop at PYC with ‘the breath guy’ Richie Bostock. In sanskrit the yogic breathing practice of…

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Yogis on a Quest – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Yogis on a Quest Have you ever wondered what was involved in becoming a certified Yoga Instructor? Ten of us applied for and started Yoga Camp this past Friday, June 9, 2017.  One from Kentucky, one from Athens, GA and the rest from the more immediate Savannah area.  Yoga Camp is a seven day ordeal of back-to-back yoga sessions, lectures and inquiry, in mainly 10-12 hour days. Our lead instructor is Kate and her number two is Kim. After Yoga…

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Yoga Transitions ~ develop a deeper practice – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Yoga Transitions ~ develop a deeper practice Transitions in yoga, and life, can be challenging. When we learn to transition with grace, control and precision in our physical practice it affects our life off the mat, bringing more confidence into our lives. On the mat we note our progress as we master new asanas, but often don’t take the time to focus on the fluidity as we release from one pose and prepare for the next. Graceful  and controlled transitions…

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21 Day Yoga Challenge | thepoweryogaco – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

21 Day Yoga Challenge | thepoweryogaco We are delighted to introduce you to our upcoming 21 Day Yoga Challenge.   In this fast paced world it’s hard to find the time or discipline to connect with our inner selves. A 21 day practice gives you the space to find yourself again, bringing positive, healthy energy into all areas of your life. Open yourself to the possibility of transformation in your life, your mind and your body.  Each day brings a new opportunity for growth. Learn…

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How to eat mindfully – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

How to eat mindfully By Stephanie Achar I could tell you how chewing your food improves your IBS symptoms, or how you could lose weight if you stopped watching TV or your iPhone during meals. Instead, I would like to share with you my top 5 tips on how to eat mindfully so you can enjoy food, have plenty of it and live in peace with yourself. 1. Take the time to eat I visited Paris recently and noticed a…

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