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Strangled to Death by a Mouse – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Strangled to Death by a Mouse The vitality of the therapy profession that we have come to know and love is dying a slow death–and it’s not by what you think. If you feel like you’re professionally suffocating, there’s a reason for it. You may feel like a patient whose pulse oxygen reading is too low. They might look okay on the outside, but they’re working harder to make it through each day. You can sense in them something below…

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Burning and churning: Why PTs are leaving patient care – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Burning and churning: Why PTs are leaving patient care For the past several years, my company, WebPT, has conducted an annual survey to get a pulse on the rehab therapy industry, identify trends that are impacting our profession, and assess pain points to guide our advocacy efforts. After all, what’s the point of collecting data if you’re not going to do anything with the results? While the topic of this article shouldn’t have come as a surprise—we’ve known for a while now…

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Stop Calling My Patients Targets – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Stop Calling My Patients Targets One of my all-time favorite comic strips was Gary Larson’s Far Side. Larson’s morbid sense of humor often caught me off guard and caused an eruption of a belly laugh (much to my wife’s embarrassment). Larson often used surreal characters to illustrate life’s ironies and absurdities. One of my favorites is Hal, a crossbreed of a deer, elk, or moose – no one is quite sure. In one scene, two, let’s call them elk, are…

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