Caffeine Effects on Bladder + Bowel – Pilates Fitness Article

Caffeine Effects on Bladder + Bowel 15 Jul Caffeine Effects on Bladder + Bowel Posted at 15:55h in Uncategorised by Annette Beauchamp The Good, The Bad, and The (aaaah) So Yummy   This is my lovely Mum enjoying her coffee. I talk to people about the effects of caffeine on the bladder and bowel –some effects are helpful, some are not.   I am asked about other effects of caffeine. I have completed a search of the pubmed/medline, and read major…

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Breastfeeding and sleeping hormones – She Physio & Pilates – Pilates Fitness Article

Breastfeeding and sleeping hormones – She Physio & Pilates 23 Aug Breastfeeding and sleeping hormones Posted at 08:49h in Uncategorised by Annette Beauchamp Mums are aware of the changes in their breast milk across the day. Breast milk is produced in greater volumes in the morning, and looks thicker and creamier at the end of the day.   what is melatonin In adults, melatonin is produced by the pineal gland in the brain. Melatonin, tryptophan and other chemicals, increase from…

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Class Review: Mom in Balance Outdoor Bootcamp – Fitness Article

I don’t know why I waited so long to try Mom in Balance, a fitness class for pregnant and postpartum women. I was probably put off by the word “mom’ in the name. (Since I am not yet a mom.)  But if that’s holding you back, try to get over it. I’m glad I did. Mom in Balance is an outdoor bootcamp company that offers classes in parks around New York including Fort Greene Park, Battery Park, Prospect Park and…

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Race Recap: Bridgehampton 5K – Cuckoolemon – Fitness Article

I woke up on race morning cool as a cucumber.  No race-day jitters for me.  I am not a detective, but I can easily attribute this to one clear fact: I wasn’t signed up to run a race. At 33 weeks pregnant, my already mediocre running talents were in near total hibernation. Registering for races was totally off my radar. But Matthew (my husband, remember him?) was signed up for the Bridgehampton Half and my pals Katy and Sarah were…

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10 Things Women Need While They Are Pregnant (Beyond Their Registry) – Fitness Article

There are certain things money can’t buy when it comes to what pregnant women really need, and mamas-to-be need to take care of themselves, their mental health, their bodies, their surroundings, and their lifestyle; those things go well beyond their baby registry. 

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Do you need to take Physique 57’s pregnancy class? (if you’re pregnant) – Fitness Article

Hi friends! Last week I shared a scorecard of my favorite classes to take while pregnant. One of the classes that ranked the highest was Physique 57. Physique is so welcoming to pregnant ladies they even offer a special workshop called “Fit for Pregnancy” that teaches you all of the modifications you need for their class. The workshop itself is a great workout. But you may be asking yourself: Do I need this workshop? above, a recent picture of me…

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