My Answer To Kino: Would You Still Love Me If I Don’t Handstand Anymore? – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

My Answer To Kino: Would You Still Love Me If I Don’t Handstand Anymore? Photo By Wanda Koch Kino posted an article today, “Would You Still Love Me If I Don’t Handstand Anymore?” My answer is “yes” because I do not choose teachers based on the poses they can do. Even though the yoga world at large has not followed suit, I outgrew that years ago. If someone believes that achievement in physical asana constitutes dedication to practice or greater…

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With Me or Against Me – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

With Me or Against Me Photo by Andrea Killam People are asking, “Why is there a culture of silence in Yoga?” Something that often makes people go silent is “all or nothing” and “with me or against me” thinking. It is the idea that everything is black or white and you have to choose a side. If folks don’t want to choose a side, they will often just go silent. When the person speaks up, they get crucified by both…

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“Calling In” the Ashtanga Community – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

“Calling In” the Ashtanga Community Photo by Andrea Killam “Calling in” is a term coined by Ngoc Loan Tran, a Viet/mixed race disabled queer writer who champions for justice in oppressed communities. “Calling in” is holding members of the community responsible for their actions, not as an act of punishment, but as an act of accountability. “I start ‘call in’ conversations by identifying the behavior and defining why I am choosing to engage with them. I prioritize my values and…

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