CRYOTHERAPY FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE AND FASTER RECOVERY AT OM.LIFE Last week I had the opportunity to take a tour of a new local business dedicated to recovery and relaxation – offers whole body cryotherapy, flotation therapy, an infrared sauna and Normatec recovery (you may have seen us in those big black leg sleeves in the gym – that’s Normatec).   It’s a beautiful facility, owned and operated by Anand Sukhadia who has combined his passion for holistic…

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Terrell Suggs – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Terrell Suggs A Flexible Warrior is adaptable, open, resilient, balanced and free. He or she can bend without breaking, calmly respond to stressful situations, and turn obstacles into opportunities. A Flexible Warrior is all business, but has a sense of humor. He works hard and digs in when he needs to… but he also makes it a priority to chill out and recharge. Warriors have great strength, endurance and willpower, but when their minds and bodies are balanced with recovery,…

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From Keto to Whole30: A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Popular Diets – Fitness Article

New diets pop up all the time, and it’s common to get excited and want to jump on board for the promise of improved health, a smaller waistline, clearer skin, better focus, etc. But what if you train hard and your goals are fitness and performance related? Which eating style could potentially deliver results and which hold you back? Let’s check in with some of the basic pros and cons — as they relate to performance fueling — with some…

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