JUST LIKE RIDING A BIKE! – Fitness Article

Road biking through undulating vineyard topography, and during the more stationary moments, unwinding at the glorious Château St. Pierre de Serjac; as far as active press trips go, this was set up to be highly compelling! In the event, it was *so* compelling that I scribed a piece for Women’s Health on the affair (which should go live very shortly, so do keep your eyes open). The experience was extremely well balanced; road biking is unexpectedly demanding from an aerobic perspective,…

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HOKA Carbon X Performance Review » Believe in the Run – Running Fitness Article

Robbe: The way things are going, the EPA will have to start regulating shoes if the carbon trend keeps up. Following Nike’s resounding success of the Vaporfly 4%, HOKA has responded with the Carbon X, a lightweight but well-cushioned shoe with a carbon fiber plate that acts as a propulsion source for that extra boost during tempo and race scenarios. The carbon fiber plate in the midsole is sandwiched by CM Betty Fly foam on the top and EVA foam…

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