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Can running gait retraining for injury also help efficiency? – Running Fitness Article

Today’s post is an in-depth overview of new research in gait retraining adapted from our Cutting Edge Clinicians Newsletter. It’s a free resource and over 8,000 therapists have joined our community from all over the world! Join our mailing list HERE and access our free download on return to running after injury. I read a paper this week that really got me thinking. When we analyse a runner’s gait we usually do so with a view to injury. We’re asking…

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Return to running after injury: New free guide and podcast – Running Fitness Article

Return to sport after injury is a challenging phase of rehab and not everyone makes it. In novice runners, for example, injury is the main reason people stop running (Fokkema et al. 2019). How we manage the return to running process is key. If we’re too conservative then an athlete can become frustrated and lose fitness. Progress to quickly though and we often see flare ups in symptoms or secondary injuries in tissues not currently used to running. To help…

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