running injury

Running/Not Running with a {Probably} Not Broken Toe – Running Fitness Article

You might have encountered runners with injuries. And you may have witnessed firsthand how cranky they can get. It’s a thing. I haven’t really talked about it much, but this past fall I had an injury and couldn’t run for a while. It happened in Kona when I was there for the IRONMAN World Championship, the night before the race. I had this freak thing happen to my toe and although I can’t say it was a broken toe, it was really badly bruised…

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The role of compression for recovery from endurance activity – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

The role of compression for recovery from endurance activity What happens to the muscle following exercise: Strenuous or unaccustomed exercise damages muscle cell structures and impairs muscle function (1). Significantly more damage occurs during eccentric muscle contractions. This is because fewer motor units are recruited and a smaller cross section of muscle is activated to handle the same load as in a concentric contraction. Damage to muscle fibers results in an inflammatory response causing a transfer of fluid to the…

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