What is Frozen Shoulder and how is it Fixed? – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

What is Frozen Shoulder and how is it Fixed? July 12, 2019 Adhesive capsulitis, which is more commonly referred to as frozen shoulder, occurs in 2-5% of the population at one point or another. It typically occurs in adults ages 40-70, and is more often seen in women compared to men.  It is also interesting to note that individuals with diabetes are more likely to develop frozen shoulder, with an occurrence rate of 10-20% of diabetic individuals. Considering how many…

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Should I Have Surgery For My Shoulder Impingement? – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Should I Have Surgery For My Shoulder Impingement? Arthroscopic shoulder decompression surgery (ASAD) is a surgery performed for patients with subacromial shoulder pain, or “shoulder impingement”, which accounts for up to 70% of all shoulder pain problems. The first ASAD was performed in 1972, and it is now one of the most common surgical procedures in orthopaedics. The rationale behind the procedure is that the pain is caused by excessive compression of the rotator cuff (shoulder muscles) and its bursa…

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Barbell training for strength using the Starting Strength method is hard work and a common occurrence that gets in the way of this hard work is shoulder and arm pain. In many cases this pain is a result of technical problems with the low-bar squat (the lift that is generally performed first in the training session). Here are some points to consider before you begin your training or if you have started to experience problems. SHOULDER PAIN Causes: Shoulder pain is…

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