spring supercharge

Flexible Warrior Spring Supercharge – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Flexible Warrior Spring Supercharge Hi Wellness Warriors! Spring is the perfect time to do a little cleaning, especially if you’re suseptible to spring allergies. When I say “spring cleaning” I’m not talking about your garage or home, although cleaning house and getting rid of “stuff” feels super good for mind, body and spirit too… I’m talking about cleaning up our diet and getting back on track after a long winter! What does diet have to do with allergies? Quite a…

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Matcha Green Energy Bites – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Matcha Green Energy Bites After years of struggling with many health issues including autoimmune disease, migraines and digestive issues, I began the journey of eating less processed junk food and filling my diet with more nutrient-dense superfoods. I stopped dieting, counting calories, depriving myself and feeling guilty and I began to focus on the positive (simply eating more healthy real foods like fruits and vegetables and less junk). I began to incorporate more yoga and self-care and instead of focusing…

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Energized like a bunny… The Spring Supercharge Continues – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Energized like a bunny… The Spring Supercharge Continues After a week of eating like a warrior and practicing self-care, I feel energized like a bunny! Amazing how that works 🙂 It’s simple (but not necessarily easy) to maintain health and balance in this chaotic world… My basic recipe is… Yoga + Superfoods + Self-care It’s about finding the balance between willpower (doing hard things) … and chillpower (relaxing and letting go). For me, it’s a constant challenge to find that…

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