How My Attitude to Calisthenics Has Evolved – Calisthenics Classes – Calisthenics Fitness Article

How My Attitude to Calisthenics Has Evolved – Calisthenics Classes When I first started doing calisthenics back in 2008, I focused primarily on pull ups, push ups and dips. My focus remained the same for the next 5 or so years. I saw calisthenics as a way to build muscle, gain strength and look good. Occasionally, I would muscle up or handstand but my main objective was to constantly increase the maximum number of pull ups, push ups and dips…

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Am I worth the weight? – Pilates Fitness Article

Am I worth the weight? I’m a 39 year old studio owner and Pilates teacher of 17 years. I have trained in Contemporary Pilates, and Classical Pilates, but above all I just love Pilates, how it makes me feel and seeing how it helps transform people’s lives. Pilates has helped me recover from a back injury as a result of a car accident. Pilates has helped my carry and deliver two beautiful children into the world, and Pilates has made…

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Losing 44 kgs, Mohit took it upon Himself to Achieve this Amazing Transformation – Fitness Article

Name: Mohit AnandAge: 24Height: 5 ft 11 inWeight: 78 kgsResidence: MumbaiFitness Achievement: 44 kgs fat loss. Turning point: When I was unhappy with my capabilities of doing things. Right from jogging 100m to being in sports teams I loved I couldn’t do anything as time passed. Instead of losing from the gym I started gaining 10kgs a year. I thought to myself this is the time or never. Hurdles faced: I was not able to understand why I gained weight…

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