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Terri’s Fitness Journey Update July 2019 – Gym Fitness Article

No guilt – the gym will always be there It’s been hot, humid, and muggy in Pennsylvania, which I intensely dislike (aka hate). Summer is my least favorite season of the year. (I have friends who love this weather, which I just cannot fathom. But then, they get pretty annoyed at me when I get all ramped up for freezing weather and a good snowstorm.) Since it’s been so hot, I’ve been spending my early morning time prior to work…

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Total Gym Addicts, Kimberly’s Story – Fitness Article

My head was in a fog. My memory was horrible. My motivation was non-existent. I hated looking in the mirror. Clothes – any clothes, just felt wrong. I felt like I’d succumbed to what was expected of a 40-year old. I felt irrelevant. But I wasn’t irrelevant. In March I decided my desire to change was going to win over my desire to do nothing. I was getting ready to travel in April, but made a promise to myself that…

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