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40 Fitness Continuing Education (CE) Courses (Complete List) – Workout Fitness Article

Get the Basics… Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) must obtain continuing education credits to maintain their certification. Many professional organizations offer a variety of different CEU or CEC courses in various formats. It’s important for personal trainers to know how many CEUs or CECs are required from your certifying organization and the length of time to obtain them Learn about 40 popular CEU and CEC courses offered by seven reputable organizations. Continuing Education Credits (CECs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are…

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9 Tips for Client Workout Program Design [Guide] – Workout Fitness Article

Program design is what separates professionals from hobbyists in the training world. Sure, there’s more to being a good trainer than the ability to plan workouts but here’s why programming stands out from the other attributes: You can’t just stumble into a great program, it takes knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Charisma, communication, and leadership all make a difference in training but one can come by them naturally; even a novice to training can possess these qualities innately without any effort…

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